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New Potatos

Have you ever thought what it would be like if plants and animals could talk. I haven't personally so if you have you are pretty weird. I do like to play with my food. And there is a good reason why I hate all potatos they have a lot of names and they like playing with ketchup and catsup. think of the horror mater's and tater's playing it's unheard of. but i mean, the potato is crazy, it kills its friend the tomato, and rips it up into a sauce and adds some vinegar and other stuff and dances in the concoction. stupid spud demons. i hate tater tots too, they call them tots so you will be all like awww they is so cute baby taters. well there not the crazy potato kills a fellow spud and dices it up into a cylindrical "baby tater". EEEEVEEL! And the eyes! The Horrible EYES! They are like brown Peacocks. what you really must realize is remember those killer tomatoes that could eat tanks yeah the taters killed them all and turned them into ketchup and catsup. I don't like them one bit. And you shouldn't either! Join me in my quest! Anti-tater, Anti-pirate. Imagine a tater with a cutlass and a bad mustache... THE HORROR!
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